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GenPrime utilizes its lateral flow test reader technology in the ongoing fight against the novel Coronavirus.

SPOKANE, Washington – April 2020 – The world is currently facing an unprecedented dilemma as the novel Coronavirus (AKA: COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2) rapidly spreads throughout the world and continues to impact the lives & health of those around us. Thanks to innovations in modern science, diagnostic companies have been hard at work to develop efficient methods of determining whether individuals have in fact contracted this virus. And even more fortunately, GenPrime is pleased to announce that its novel rapid-test reader technology is capable of analyzing, interpreting, and recording results for all visual-based COVID-19 assays that these diagnostic companies have been developing. For further details, please see the following graphic on GenPrime's reader capabilities:


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Authors: Jacob Masters, Market Analyst at GenPrime, Inc.; Corbin Mendenhall, Production Manager at GenPrime, Inc.


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