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GenPrime's COO/CTO Darby McLean recently had the opportunity to be interviewed for an episode of Spokane Talks Media's Business Talks show.

SPOKANE, Washington – May 2019 – In this exciting segment shot for the Business Talks podcast & webshow, GenPrime's COO/CTO Darby McLean dedicates some time for a detailed conversation with Fifty7 Media's Ryan McNeice to discuss all things GenPrime. Throughout the episode, Darby sheds light on the company's history, its core operations & accomplishments, and the importance of remaining local to GenPrime's home city of Spokane, Washington. Be sure to check out this episode of Spokane Talks Media's Business Talks show here:

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Authors: Jacob Masters, Market Analyst at GenPrime, Inc.; Original video content courtesy of Ryan McNeice at Fifty7 Media/Spokane Talks Media

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